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Real Closet Inc.

5315 Miller Trunk Hwy.
Duluth MN, 55811
Main Line: (218) 729-4775
Fax line: (888) 275-1190




1.Where can I buy Real Closet? 
Real Closet is shipped on a nation-wide basis through our National Dealer-Based Network. If you want to find a Dealer near you, please email and we will connect you with a Dealer in your area.

2.How do I become a Dealer partner of the Real Closet product? 
Real Closet is seeking quality Kitchen and Bath Studios, Home Centers and Lumberyards. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Dealer, please e-mail or call Brian at (218)729-4775.

3.Is your product made of particle board? 
Our product is made of an ALL plywood core which carries a better weight load and performs better than particle board.   

4.What colors does your product come in? 
We offer White, Spice and Java.

5.How does your system compare in price to closets from the big retail stores? 
The fact that we offer an ALL plywood system, that is environmentally friendly, and our shelves have a wider span, actually makes Real Closet is a much better value than our competition.

6.Does your system come with an installation packet or instructions?  The installation packet has written instructions and this website provides detailed videos of all segments of the installation.

7.Does your system hang or sit on top of the floor? 
Neither, our system is unlike any other organizational system.  The partitions uniquely fit between 2 maple rails that have 5MM slots in them.  The partitions have metal brackets applied to them that slide freely into the foundation rails that are secured to the wall, so our partitions “sit” on top of the foundation rail instead of "hanging" from a rail.

8.How deep is your system? 
Real Closet is available in 12” and 16” depths.  We feel that the 12” depth fits better in most closets that are 24” deep allowing you more space to reach up and over shelving, to the next space, than the 14” depth that our competition offers. The 16” depth works well in linen closets. The 16” depth is also great for larger walk in closets to allow for staggered depth towers, as well as accommodating our ALL WOOD dovetailed drawers.