What's Real?

easonably priced 
Real Closet is definitely considered a great value when compared to other closet manufacturers.

nvironmentally friendly    Our construction is environmentally friendly and CARB II compliant - No added Urea Formaldehyde.  We also use a UV water-born finish that is environmentally safe.

ll wood construction
Real Closet uses an ALL PLYWOOD CORE with solid Maple, profiled edges - NO particle board.

onger length shelving
Our Patented Twin Beam Shelf is one of the strongest in the industry - it can span up to 5' in length. 

“Everyone deserves a Real Closet”

Patented Proprietary Features

All closet systems have either hung onto a rail or sat on the floor, until 2009, when Real Closet Inc. was founded.

Real Closet’s partitions mount on top of and between our patented foundation rail system.

Adding storage above or below an existing/completed Real Closet system is no problem with patented partition extensions.

Storing items just got easier with Real Closet’s innovative patented twin beam shelving creating wide open spaces.

At Real Closet Inc. we are committed to helping our Dealers and their Customers obtain the best quality products.

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Three Color Options:

White, Spice, and Java.

See above image.