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Article provided by: Home Staging of Houston - Interiors by Lori

Staging Companies Houston

Staging Companies Houston
Staging companies in Houston have news for homeowners- you really do need home staging to sell your home. Staging your home for sale is critically important for a successful sale and should not be overlooked. Studies show staged homes sell significantly better when compared to un-staged homes. When you stop to consider the reasons, you will see it really does make sense.
If you want to get top dollar for the sale of your home, and want to sell it quickly, you simple can’t ignore the facts: 
Homes that are professionally staged photograph better than un-staged homes. More than 93% of buyers look at online photos before deciding which properties to view in person. Photos of empty rooms are simply not very enticing. For this reason alone staged homes are shown significantly more often than vacant properties.
Homes that are professionally staged show better than un-staged properties. With nothing in a house it is easy for buyers to become very critical of every nook and cranny in a home- they are looking for problems because there is nothing else to draw their attention. Thoughtful staging will draw a buyer to the positive aspects of a home- reducing the attempt to pick it apart. Choose the very best among staging companies in the Houston area to maximize your home’s potential.
More than 90% of people cannot accurately visualize what will fit in an empty room. Of this 90% most view a space as much smaller than what it actually is. This makes a vacant house more difficult to sell because buyers often assume their things simply won’t fit. The leader among staging companies in the Houston area can help you to give clients a strong frame of reference to work with.
When a house is vacant the potential in a property is not easily recognized by buyers. Share the vision of a lifestyle buyers are looking for in their new home. Vacant homes leave buyers feeling cold and unattached to a property. Professional staging companies in Houston can help you create the atmosphere that will leave buyers feeling invited into a space.
Be sure that your house looks and feels like a home. The transition from the cold of an empty house to the warmth of ‘home’ is what motivates buyers to make their best offer on a property. Staging helps buyers envision what it will look like and how it will feel to live in your house. Once they see themselves in the space they start to feel at home. These feelings are what motivate a buyer to make a house their home- this is when you get the best offer possible.
Don’t listen to staging companies in Houston that tell you they have the secret to selling your home. It’s no secret at all! Home Staging of Houston knows it’s the combination of proper prepping of the home, quality staging, great photography, the right listing price, and expert marketing of the property. With all of these factors in place you are sure to get the best possible offer on your home.
Call on the leader in staging companies in Houston. Home Staging of Houston is ready to help you sell your home. You have everything to gain from professionally staging your home and preparing it for sale. Call 281-615-0607 today.
Staging Companies Houston
Home Staging of Houston - Interiors by Lori
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