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Article provided by: Sarasota Tree Service

Sarasota Stump Grinding

Sarasota Stump Grinding Tree stumps are a liability to your property and eyesores. Get rid of them to prevent rotting, tree disease, and insect infestations. Call Sarasota Tree Service for safe and efficient Sarasota stump grinding using the right tools and high-quality equipment. We have 39 years of experience in removing tree stumps.  

Stump removal can be done in a variety of ways. Chemical treatments can be applied to make removal easier, but most people find stump grinding with powerful tools like a backhoe more preferable. A stump cutter or grinder is a powerful equipment attachment designed to remove ugly and/or obstructive tree stumps using a rotating disk that cuts and chips away the protruding wood. This kind of equipment can be a huge investment and might be impractical to have if similar jobs only come once in a while. Hiring a Sarasota stump grinding service is more practical if you only have a single stump to address in your backyard. 
Sarasota Tree Service is one of the best places to call for these kinds of tree care and removal requirements. The company has been around for nearly 4 decades, offering high-quality and expert Sarasota stump grinding services and advanced tree care techniques. Sarasota Tree Service specializes in tree removals, oak and palm tree care, tree feedings, pruning, trimming, and balancing of trees.
Specialized stump grinding equipment come in a variety of sizes and capacities to accommodate all types of grinding work. There are devices can be used as backhoe attachments for smaller stumps, as well as truck-scale equipment to address larger stumps. A typical stump grinder design includes a cutter wheel equipped with fixed carbide teeth. The movements of the cutter wheel are mostly controlled by specialized hydraulic cylinders that push the teeth through the stump in a repetitive raising and lowering motion.
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