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Article provided by: Rug Source INC

Large Area Rugs

Large area rugs are a far preferable to wall-to-wall carpet simply because they can be easily removed and cleaned. Also, they require less commitment, and when thinking of redecorating the home, it can also be easily switched out for another of your choice.

What Are The Perfect Large Area Rugs for Hardwood Floors?

Well-made and attractive area rugs are known to add more beauty to the hardwood floor. The rug doesn't only give that comfort you thirst for, but also complementing the wood's look. And all of these can be accomplished by combining the appropriate area rug and rug pad with your hardwood floor.

Synthetic Rugs

Most of today's synthetic rug is made from nylon, acrylic, rayon, polypropylene, or viscose to look like the ones made from natural materials. They are very durable and come in different styles such as short-tufted pile, flatweaves, and other styles that perfectly complement a hardwood floor, and suit other home decors. Some synthetic rug displays a matte look, and some, a shiny nap.

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs happen to the most expensive type of rug and mostly bought for its beauty rather than durability. A little blend of silk on a wool rug would increase the price. However, a silk-blend rug or a silk rug makes a hardwood floor looks very much appealing. Proper care is given to silk rugs as they quickly fade compared to other fibres and more fragile under abrasion.

Do All the Large Area Rugs In The Home Need to Match?

Larger area rugs when used to decorate the home adds a lot of values to the home's interior design - each rug set a unique tone or mood to the different spaces they occupy, and also help provide shape to other undefined space(s). In a situation where you have multiple large area rugs in your home, they don't need to match, but complementing one another instead.

In a home setting whereby the dining room and hallway can be seen from the living room, the rug in these areas visible to one another only needs to complement each other. They could have the same designs using the same motifs in different shades and different ways. In other word, colours across these three rooms could harmonize using distinctive designs to describe each of the three spaces. Although it is essential to stick a particular style such as contemporary or traditional, yet, totally different types and styles of beautiful area rugs can be incorporated in the kitchen and bedrooms.

In terms of complementing one another, you need not worry about the material of the rug used. A wool rug can be incorporated in high traffic areas, and also using a silk rug to define it. It's better to use handmade rugs all through rather than mixing in machine-made ones that are of lower quality.

Considering the sizes, you have all the liberty to mix and match. If you have a 6x8 area rug in the dining room, you can have a 7x9 area rug in the sitting room or hallway, and they can even be of the same sizes. It's of great importance to match the rug size to the room size or room shape than matching sizes between rugs.

If you'd need help in selecting the most appropriate rug to complement your home design or the existing rugs in your home, do well to reach and talk to any of our experts.

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